Dim sum at Kwan

If you’re craving dim sum in Toronto there are endless options. If you feel like a classic experience hop on the street car and find a hole-in-the-wall in China Town near Dundas and Spadina. Although the service may not be for the faint of heart (think, small women pushing carts piled high with steaming baskets yelling out their wares across tables full of families), the food is delicious and the price is right.

If a hike downtown isn’t appealing, there are an increasing number of dim sum restaurants in the GTA. The experience isn’t the same as down town – there aren’t any carts and you order off a menu, but the food is just as good! But if you want the best of both worlds, there are a couple of great places to go for dim sum in mid-town. Have you been to Kwan?

If you’re a dim sum fanatic, like my sister and I are, you will freakin’ love it! The restaurant is so cute too!



We ordered alllllll the classics. Starting with a steaming bowl of won ton soup (they do not skimp on the won tons!).

Sui Mai dumplings…

Yummy banana leaf pockets full of sticky rice…

The crunchy, savoury, fresh chow mein…

Soft rice noodles filled with meat in a soy based pool of sauce called cheong fun…

All washed down with cups & cups of rich jasmine tea…

The menu is so extensive that it’s hard to remember dim sum is a lunch/brunch meal…I’ve taken a doggie bag home a few times #noshame (it’s just so easy to order one of everything!)

Kwan takes reso’s and you can order out! Not a bad way to spend a Sunday with your besties. Find them here and give us a shout in the comments or on insta if you go!

xx. Lauren


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  1. Samson

    Looks delicious!!!!!!

  2. Stef

    Great post! I was debating eating here for my bff’s birthday, now I can’t wait!

  3. Michelle

    Yum… Chinatown dim sum is so loud. But this place looks better.

  4. Holly




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