Tuscan Road Trip Part III – Buon Giorno Orvieto

For the last leg on our Tuscan road trip we woke up in Orvieto. Well, not exactly in Orvieto but a charming little hilltop town just on the outskirts of this special city. A crumbly town built into a cliff with meandering streets and houses covered in flowers.

I usually like to stay right smack in the middle of the cities I’m visiting. There’s nothing better then being able to wake up and explore new places right outside the door. The last thing I want to do is waste time driving or catching a cab! That being said, waking up to views like this…

…well that’s just irresistible!

We stayed at the Misia Country Resort, a spa retreat that’s literally a little village unto itself. Nestled inside the town of Rocca Ripesena, the Misia is the perfect hideaway for a couple of road weary travellers looking for a quiet retreat.

After a long day in the car, this bed was unbelievably comfortable!

I didn’t want to leave, even for breakfast! I dispatched the hubby-to-be to round up a cup of latte while I snuggled deeper into the covers.

Everything I need for the day!

Rocca Ripesena is a tiny town perched high above the surrounding Italian countryside and just a stone’s throw away from Orvieto. It’s quaint and quiet in a peaceful way that made everything move a bit slower. By the time I extricated myself from bed, it was well into the morning but the town was just waking up.

I grabbed the camera and left my hubby-to-be with a few newspapers while I skipped out for some solo adventuring.

Roses embellished every wall and garnished every window.

If you go, plan a trip for the summertime when the flowers are truly in all their glory! We caught the last of the fall blooms which were still lovely.

I also may have found the friendliest resident in the entire town! I actually think you could hear my squeal when I looked up to see this face all the way in Orvieto. It certainly made my fiancé come running!

That face!

His name was Rocco (of course)!

While I’m definitely a dog person, my fiance is more of a cat person…we make it work somehow!

Our kitty friend was more than happy to lounge and pose for some pics but didn’t take too kindly to pets!

We eventually made our way down the valley and back up again into Orvieto. Don’t worry about finding parking, there’s a ton of parking for tourists all around the base of the city, with elevators that go up into the  rock cliff and deposit you straight into the city.

We walked around the city and ended up at the magnificent Cathedral. Striped marble gleaming in all its glory against the blue sky.

The interior was just as resplendent.

I still can’t get over this stripey marble. Wouldn’t it be perfect for a kitchen backsplash?

We spent our last couple of days soaking up as much of Italy as possible. We visited some of our most favourite spots in Rome and had dinner at our special place before heading home to Toronto.

Until next year Italy…I’ve found my Italian dream and I can’t wait to come back for my perfect Italian wedding…

xx – lauren



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  1. Carol

    Rocco lol and it looks like from the pictures you were very much at home in Orivitta! Wow the countryside. Cathedral and town so beautiful ! Love the italian blog 🎯

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