Crafty Christmas Betches: Part 1

There is always that one person in your (not so immediate) friend group that always takes Christmas gifts to the next level by being super creative. Although I am down for some originality in gifts I give and get, a slow panic sets in when I feel Christmas creeping. I think, that betch is going to give me something super thoughtful and amazing and I am THE WORST FRIEND EVER because I’ve left this to the absolute last minute.

Christmas time is prime time for craft shows so we wanted to let you know all about the best cozy, intimate and handmade shows in Toronto.

You might be thinking, it’s only November! Well guess what! WINTER. IS. COMING. Which means a smart girl is a girl that tries to finish her Christmas shopping before the madness of Christmas shopping begins.

Case and point: a few weekends ago, I went to the Toronto Ski and Snowboard show and purchased the best winter accessory for one of my BFFs. I can’t share what the item is (obviously, it’s called a surprise people), but it’s one hundo-percent perfect.

The Toronto Ski and Snowboard show hosts the biggest and best resorts (North American wide) and retailers to do some pre-winter shopping. I picked up a ton of great accessories that I need before the winter starts, all at a reasonably discounted price from face.

Not everyone is into Skiing or Snowboarding (or winter for that matter). For those of you who already started their winter depression, there are other kinds of trade shows that will tickle your pickle. Christmas, Winter, Holiday craft and trade shows will get your mind off the cold, and onto more important things: upstaging everyone with the best most craft and creative Christmas gifts!

Trade shows are usually cheaper than what you can find in regular retail stores. They also have a much bigger selection or variety than what you would find elsewhere. And the biggest advantage that make all the girls come to the yard?? The products sold at craft and trade shows are usually 100% handmade and betches approved.  Which means you are a crafty betch gifting someone else’s sweat and blood as your own.

Here are the ones you’ll find me at!

Etsy Christmas Market: Saturday December 16th

Probably my favourite Christmas Show of the season, Etsy is all handmade. From cards, to gifts, to clothes, to winter accessories, to food, the Etsy show brings together the best Toronto Vendors in one room. Local artists showcase their talent, and trust me, this is some serious talent.

at the Made in Canada show at the MARS Atrium in Toronto, Ontario on September 26, 2015.(Photo by Peter Power)

I always head to the Etsy Christmas Market with my sister and friends! It’s a great girls day out but also you’re able to lock down Christmas gifts well ahead of the season.

Toronto Christmas Market: November 16th to December 23rd

This fair is Toronto. The Toronto Christmas Market, held at the Distillery District is one of our absolute favourites! Arriving once again (for the 8th year!) on November 16th, this amazing holiday shopping wonderland will take us all the way until Christmas Eve’s eve. Every year my sister and I, and our friends, head to the Christmas Market for warm mulled wine, apple cider, and of course, turkey legs.

The Distillery District transforms into a Winter Wonderland, but this also means it draws a big crowd. Our suggestion? Get here before dinner time at 6pm, as this is when hunger hits, and crowds/lines form. Make sure you stop at Soma for Toronto’s best hot chocolate before your night ends!

One of a Kind Christmas Show and Sale: November 23rd to December 3rd

The biggest Christmas Market to hit Toronto runs for 2 weeks starting at the end of November. This trade show is massive. If you don’t find something worth buying for your BFF here, then you need to reevaluate your friendship. The One of a Kind Show boasts over 800 local and international artists, makers, bakers, designers, and craftspeople, all in one building! And yes, you can be sure that your gift is certainly one of a kind.

Lauren and I always go to the one of a kind show to pick up work outfits from xxx. Their clothes are not sold online and they are based out of Montreal so they take the opportunity to sell their items in Toronto at the One of a Kind show!

Other memorable Christmas Craft shows include:

Bloordale Christmas Gift Sale: Saturday November 25th

Leslieville Flea Holiday Market: November 26th

Holiday Fair in Nathan Phillips Square: Dec 1st to  23rd

I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME. Stay tuned for a lot more content on the best Craft and Trade shows, as well as D-I-Y projects that you can do at home for your friends and family!

Stay Crafty!! And Beautiful,
xxo, Jess




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