I am always on the lookout for a new green space in Toronto to explore. When you live in a concrete jungle, any new park is a great asset in the city to cherish. Our main Toronto parks (think Trinity Bellswoods, Highpark) are overloaded in the summer, so its great to see Toronto investing in its Waterfront to encourage more city dwellers and tourists to explore further south. A bit late to the game, and hindsight is 20/20, but our waterfront is going to be the next “it” neighbourhood. Move over Ossy!

Trillium Park officially opened in July 2017, but not to the disruption it deserves. The park itself is designed really well. You actually feel tucked away from the city, even though it only took me a 20 min jog to get there from my condo at Harbourfront!

The Trillium Park and William G. Davis Trail is 7.5 acres of public green space on a spectacular part of Toronto’s waterfront. If you can believe it, this area used to be a parking lot for Ontario Place. But just like other revitalization projects in Toronto, it’s now full of life, ready to be enjoyed by morning joggers, picnic-goers, strolling families and everyone in between.

Does anyone remember the good old days of Ontario Place? Although we spent millions trying to keep that place afloat, Ontario Place was basically my childhood. It’s a bit nostalgic to go back in the area and see what our city planned for the spaces now unused.

The views that the park provides are absolutely stunning. Although I went on a cloudy day, I headed back a few days later to see this park in the sunshine! And no matter what the weather, this park provides much needed quiet.

Since its not that popular (which is mind blowing to me), there must have only been a handful of people here each time I visited. This gives visitors the luxury of unwinding away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The only noise you will hear is an occasional plane taking off from the Island.

The views are endless (or so they seem).

The location of this greenspace is just the right amount of travel away from the core, but not so far that it’s inaccessible. Nestled right at the intersection of Lake Shore Boulevard West and Ontario Place Boulevard, the park is a central location if you are meeting friends on the way to a concert at Echo Beach or Budweiser Stage. And bonus? There’s a FIRE PIT!

Don’t let its proximity to these music venues scare you! When I stopped by, the park was wonderfully quiet, but with 7.5 hectares of space, it seems as though it’ll be able to handle an influx of people flocking here on weekends without feeling completely crammed.

There are also a lot of nooks and crannies that you can find yourself relaxing with friends or family with. Bring your furry friends as well! We saw a few dogs off-leash and trotting along with their owners.

Looking for a sweet escape from the city? A nice jog from the core? A place to picnic with your main (or side) bae? Head to Trillium park for the views, stay for the quiet.

Enjoy your time outside while you can!

Stay warm, and beautiful,
Xxo, Jess