I have a low key obsession with interior design. I greedily devour any design magazine that I can get my hands on and half my insta feed these days is all about tablescapes, shelfies, and hygge. Although most of my obsession is purely virtual (living in a condo doesn’t exactly lend itself to DIYs and renos), I love a good wander around interior design stores. And nothing beats Restoration Hardware when it comes to dream decorating my perfect house, nothing. You can bet that as soon as a little bird told me about the new MASSIVE Restoration Hardware that opened up in Yorkdale complete with a CAFE, I rounded up the squad!

Eager as a beaver, I arrived shortly after the doors opened and did a little recon before Jess and A showed up.

With four (FOUR!) whole floors showcasing almost every piece from Restoration Hardware’s dictionary sized catalog, you can easily disappear for an entire afternoon.

When Jess arrived, we met at the RH Cafe on the first floor. I wasn’t sure what to expect – would it live up to my expectations? How good could a cafe in an interior design store be really?

Let me take a sec here to explain the difference in the quality of some of the photos in today’s blog. The Cafe has an odd rule which prohibits guests from taking photos with “professional” cameras, but cell phone cameras are fine. On the one hand, #annoying but on the other, kinda happy the staff thought we were #professionals! Leave your DSLR at home if you come…or just sneak a few shots like we did.

Despite the odd rules about photos, thankfully, the RH Cafe does not disappoint. First of all, it’s simply gorgeous. The space is stuffed with chandeliers, velvet booths, marble table tops, fluffy pillows which all come together to create the classic weathered European look that is the essence of Restoration Hardware. No expense has been spared!

Of course, you’d expect nothing less from Restoration Hardware.

The place is an instagram goldmine. Feed’s looking a little dull lately? One visit to the RH Cafe and you’ll have content for weeks!

The Cafe is open to the rest of Yorkdale but some how feels super private, Jess and I both felt like we were back at the Bohemian Hotel in Celebration! We even started shortlisting the place as a space for a special bridal shower (hehe) but were sadly told that the Cafe doesn’t do private parties and doesn’t take reservations – sooooo disappointing. If anyone from the RH Cafe stumbles across this post we would happily scrub pots for a week!

After we had thoroughly absorbed the decor, we focused on the important stuff – the food. The menu is mainly devoted to lunch and dinner offerings and has a small but well thought out breakfast section. We ordered everything, for research.

Start off, of course, with caffeine which comes from the coffee bar smack dab in the middle of the store. Deux americanos avec creme et une latte, si vous plait!

Soon all the food started to arrive: Texas Toast & Scrambly Eggs (with a surprise avo), Granola and Greek Yogurt, a lashing of Bacon, and Toast with Spreads.

The Texas Toast and Eggs were a group fav – especially the thick cut toast! I mean, come on just look at it.

The bacon is thick cut, juicy and will satisfy any carnivore in your group.

But the star of the show was the Granola and Greek Yogurt. I’m definitely not a granola girl. I always skip over that part of a menu but this stuff was SO YUMMY. I ended up finishing the bowl!

Always kinda crunchy, Jessica was in love.

There’s no need to order the extra side of toast (empty carbs) – the Texas Toast is more than enough…just order a side of the strawberry jam, it’s made in store and very very good!

After we finished eating, we headed back into the store for some cardio…aka browsing. We couldn’t help but take a time out on those epic RH couches. I mean, come on. What does a girl have to do to own a house big enough for this baby?

We poked all around – starting at the top and working our way all to the bottom! Did we take the stairs? I can neither confirm nor deny…but even the elevator was a show piece.

The staircase wound around a steeple of chandeliers.

The top floor is dedicated to outdoor furniture and is complete with chandeliers (I’m sensing a theme here…) and fountains, because why not.

There’s even an impressively large patio. On a clear day you could probably see the downtown skyline from up here. The manager shared a cute story of a legit wedding party showing up for dinner and photos last week (I wonder how they got around the “professional” camera rule…).

The next three floors are a maze of rooms each as drool worthy as the next.

We planned our dream bathrooms…a sink for each girlie of course!

Jessica giving serious boss vibes!

I have to admit, I was a bit tempted to do a runner with as much as I could get my hands on…not sure how far Jess and I would get with a solid marble table between the two of us.

Be sure to visit the RH Cafe and the new Restoration Hardware store this year when you brave Yorkdale for your Christmas shopping. Go early (unfortunately the RH Cafe does not take reservations) and treat yourself to a little bit of luxury.

If you’re more of an “add it to the cart” with a click kinda shopper – you’re in luck! Stay tuned for Trade and Charm’s Christmas Gift Guide. I’ve scoured the best (and most affordable) gifts from Restoration Hardware for you to give and to put on your own list to Santa!

xx- Lauren