There’s a new restaurant in the core and with over 100 beers on tap, it’s MASSIVE. Craft Beer Market is another wave of the west coast invasion of Toronto. It’s located at Yonge and Adelaide – smack in the middle of the downtown core. Before opening its doors to the rest of the city, Craft Beer Market invited Jess and I (and our friend, A!) to their raucous opening party to sample what’s on tap. Bring on the brewskies!

Large multi-story restaurants seem to be a new trend in Toronto. From Joeys to the Cactus Club and over to Earls the bigger the better. Craft Beer Market fits right in with an impressively large location with 2 floors. Although the vibe is much more relaxed than somewhere like the Cactus Club.

When we arrived we scurried to the second floor balcony to get a good view.

We also took the opportunity to sample some yummy snacks…

But we were all here for the beer (duh) & the bartenders were more than happy to show off their beer pulling skills.

After our first round we headed downstairs into the party.


The huge main floor bar dominates the lower level and is encircled with branded beer taps for dozens and dozens of beers. The bartenders whiz around pulling beers and joking with customers. They’re more than happy to share some recommendations. I have to admit I’m not really a “beer person” but I actually enjoyed every drink I had! The bartenders were super helpful and steered me towards more fruity beers like Fusli (sooo good!) and some radlers.

If you’re a legit beer drinker, this place would be heaven!

You can tell that Craft Beer Market takes their beer seriously and supports local breweries. We met the folks from Henderson Brewing Co. which is a neighbourhood brewery right in the city.

Jess turned on the charm and made some friends! She even scored a tshirt and became one of the crew. I guess you could say that Henderson is Trade and Charm approved!

Feeling a bit curious, we popped into the kitchen. The chefs were busy sending out trays and trays of goodies.

But they had a second or two to pose of the camera!

From the kitchen we made our way over to the oyster station where the guys were shucking like pros, hands flying so quickly they looked like a blur!

Jess (reluctantly) tried one.

While A and I dove right in.


In addition to serving up over 100 beers, Craft Beer Market also has a full menu. We haven’t had an opportunity to try the menu yet but the food at the party was yummy and plentiful! The fish tacos were especially instaworthy but maybe a little to heavy on the cabbage.


We spent the rest of the evening sampling more beers, eating and generally just having a great time.

So which beers did we like best? Jess favoured the wheat beers like Shock Top and Blanche de Chambly which are rich in beer-y flavour. Andrea preferred the stouts, her fav of the night was Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc. I’m not really a beer drinker so I ended up with the fruitier beers like Fusli and the sweet, light radlers.

Keep an open mind though. With over 100 beers on tap and tons of knowledgable staff to help curate the options, you’d really be surprised at what tickles your tastebuds!



Craft Beer Market officially opens on Wednesday. If you’re looking for a new after work drinks spot, this is it. Even though the financial district can get attract a stuffier crowd, the vibe at Craft Beer Market is fun, relaxed and welcoming. We had a BLAST and will definitely be bringing the squad here for dinner and drinks!

xx – Lauren