Abnormal: deviating from what is normal or usual. I think describing Deciem as Abnormal is a big understatement.  I can’t wait to share this blog post with you! Quite literally shaking with excitement.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what Deciem is or what I am talking about. Unless you are a beauty brand / skin care addict, you probably have never heard of Deciem. I am about to blow your mind.

What I think Deciem is (besides abnormal) is a disruption on the beauty industry, and it’s electrifying. Deciem, founded by a dude in 2013 who said “I think the beauty industry is a scam” and refused to hire anyone who had previous experience in the “scam industry”, is a brand that is anything but average.

After frequenting Deciem’s flagship store in the Distillery District, here is why I am intrigued (and hooked):

  • My friends are all talking about it. So is Reddit. Thanks for the idea for this blog post ladies!
  • It’s really really really well priced. Like… $5-10 well priced, compared to Skinceuticals at around 50-80$. This is practically unheard of for skin care.

Why might you ask, is the brand priced so well? This is CEO’s Brandon Truaxe’s philosophy:

“’The technologies [we use] are effective and well-studied, but a formulation containing them simply doesn’t cost that much to make. As they are not new concepts, no resources are wasted on marketing to convince consumers of efficacy of a new form of innovation.’”

So in lay mans terms? It’s not expensive because the technology has been around forever, Beauty Brands have just scammed the consumer into thinking it costs a lot to produce.

  • The company itself has over 10 brands, and sells in 15 markets around the world.

Some brands within Deciem’s umbrella are a tad more expensive. But my favourite brand (The Ordinary) is not.

  • The store looks like this. Like, woah.

  • It has raving reviews and not just from bloggers like me. Like from actual Dermos.
  • There’s Retinol products for less than $10. Repeat after me. There are Retinol products for less than $10.

The Retinol or Retinoid products are what really got my attention. Anyone who has suffered with acne/skin problems knows how important Vitamin A is to your skin. Retinol products – which usually cost you a weeks’ worth of wages – encourages cell renewal at lightning speed and is the only proven medicine to combat acne.

These Retinol products from Deciem’s “The Ordinary” line are less than $10 CND.

  • No fuss packaging. Heavy on the dropper. Me liking the “lab / science experiment”.

  • Smells awful, and it works? (similar to Skinceuticals’ CE Feulic product that smells revolting); overall affect is “this product is Science. Science works.”
  • The Ordinary line of skin care products is no ordinary product and is a sell-out brand. What you can expect? High concentrations, low-frills, and low-priced formulas. Talk about a winning combination.

The Ordinary is a line of basic skin care, features only one or two active ingredients, at prices that even make drugstore skin care brands look expensive. This line is all about the most important chemical ingredient to treat all skin types.

High concentration of things like “Alpha Arbutin” for dark spots, or 2% Retinol (Vitamin A in its purest form). Other concentrations include products that are designed to fight facial hair growth, acne scarring, redness and inflammation. There are serums for your hair (curly hair, straight hair, all kinds of hair), suncare products, mists, and hydrators.

  • The workers will break down all formulations and items depending on what you need.

For instance, I went in looking for some products to help with adult acne. They are also honest – we can’t say this will 100% cure your acne – that’s between you and your dermatologist.

What they are honest about is how it will help diminish, reduce, and eliminate the acne side effects. Think inflammation. Think cysts. Think redness. Think itchiness. Think Dryness. Now think of all these things and say goodbye.

  • New Foundations are $6. You head me right!

Deciem launched their foundation line approx 1 year ago, and there was a 25,000 person waitlist to get their products. Yep. Reason being? It’s 6 dollars, comes in a few shades, and 2 formulas: lightweight serum (for the everyday), and high coverage. Was the buzz legitimate? Find out for yourself with only a $6 investment.

  • Lastly? There is a product for every skin concern.

As I have grown up, I’ve noticed my skin scarring far far too easily. And even without popping any pimples! If you’re as bothered as me about pigmentation caused by acne and uneven skin textures, try the Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% for $6.50 CND. What does this do? Overtime, the exfoliative properties will smooth out your complexion, banishing dark spots altogether, and reduce redness in sensitive skin.

My next favourite skin product? I can hardly EVER find this one in stores, but online its never sold out. The Niacinadmide 10% and Zinc 1% actually normalizes pores, and controls oil production. It also makes your skin super lively, because it’s a high-strength vitamin and mineral blemish formula. This is

You’ll LOVE this one.  Price? $5.90 CND.

Here are the products you neeeeeed to get from The Ordinary brand line. Now.

I can’t tell you yet if I am a 100% convert yet. But boy, am I intrigued. Can’t wait to see where this line takes me… and I hope it’s towards healthier looking (and feeling) skin!

Stay beautiful!
Xxo, Jess