Tis the season—for gingerbread-flavored lattes (yes!), phone calls from relatives you kinda forgot you had and, one of the most infamous holiday traditions, ye old office party!

The struggle is seriously real when all you want to do is wear an ugly and inappropriate, Christmas sweater to your office Holiday party, but you know Becky with the good hair is going to glide in looking like she walked off the runway of Vogue. Office holiday parties can often be really tricky to navigate – and picking the right outfit is just the beginning.

Holiday parties are supposed to be the time that you dazzle your coworkers and maybe weasel that special someone underneath the mistletoe… yet we tend to settle for a look that’s less than spectacular because we just don’t plan right, or GAF.

Don’t stress out. What you should wear really depends on a few things, one being the “vibe” of your office, and what type of party you’re attending. Lucky for you, I rounded up some outfit inspos that will clear up the what-to-wear debate, because I know you’ve been struggling between the fine line of hobo-chic and professional.

Whether you’re attending a colleague Christmas dinner, super fancy office soiree, or a during work hours “at least there’s free food” type of dealio, make sure it’s going to be one sparkling time. Starting with your outfit.

Here are my top Holiday season outfit formulas, tried, tested, and true!

Snazzy After-Hours Office Party

Some of us are lucky enough that our employers throw over the top Christmas soirees to thank their employees for the slavery that happened the past year. One of my good friends is one of those lucky few. Her after-hours holiday parties are something of legends, usually held at some 5-star hotel like the Four Seasons. I am lucky enough to be per plus one. And yes. There will be open bar. Time to fancy up!

However, as much as she would love this to be an opportunity to get sozzled, wear that new mini, and snog any of her office crushes, there is a fine line between letting your hair down to relax a bit, and be the end of year embarrassment. Trust me, don’t forget the office hierarchies no matter how relaxed the occasion might seem!

Instead of being the talk of floor because you made out with your CEO’s secretary, make an entrance with your outfit. Here are my faves for an after-hours fancy bash!

The Velvet Blazer Dress

The White on White Set


Nothing NOTHING says dressy, Christmas, or winter like a LBD.

Velvet Dress (really feeling the velvetssss)

Always wear your cape! 

Capes add so much class and sass to any outfit. Makes you go from a 5 to a 10 easy.

Holiday After-Work Drinks

Ah, the more casual sister of the “Snazzy Ater-Hours Office Soiree” but not any less easy to dress for. When you’re stuck in meetings from nine until noon, have presentations from two until four, then drinks from six to nine, you definitely don’t have time to run home and change. Put an evening spin on your professional wardrobe is easier than you think!

Look the part, even for casual drinks. The more casual sister of the After-Hours soiree will aim to keep cleavage covered, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be trendy. It’s important to keep in mind that you are still around your coworkers, even if it’s in a more casual setting.

Jeans and Velvet Blazer


The Festive Blouse (sparkly or reds FTW)

The “Dress” Down Suit (but not really)

Holiday Office Party (during work-hours)

 In my opinion, this is the easiest to dress for, because I believe everyone has something in their closest to pull off a “festive and fun” outfit for during work hours. Leave the black for after-hour drinks. The main theme here? Wear some colour!

Some companies prefer to keep their parties small and during normal work hours (hella lame, but c’est la vie). If this is the case for you, then it definitely calls for work appropriate attire. However, don’t be afraid to dress it up a little bit with some jewelry or fun shoes.

Typically you’ll need to stick with the office dress code policy (whether that’s more casual or more dressy) for this one, but here are some guidelines that would make a statement even with the most boring work crowd.

The Turtleneck 

Always try this on before you buy… sometimes a comfy turtleneck becomes an itchy nightmare.

Fur Vests

Don’t hate me PETA.

The (un)expected Ugly Christmas Sweater

You would think that this would be the easiest occasion to dress for, at work or otherwise. Think again. The Christmas Sweater Party has become a huge market around the holiday times, some selling for as low as $10 but some as high as $100.

Keep it simple, but not your Jewelery

Statement jewelery will do more for your outfit than your actual outfit.

 Whatever you decide to wear, whoever you are spending time with, and however boring (or fun) your work holiday party is, you will not regret attending a party or two in style. What I want to leave you with?? Know your audience! The first and last rule that I will leave you with. If you’re comfortable with the work crew, go more casual and daring. If you’re unsure how a backless top will make you “look” to your peers, leave it at home.

Stay Holiday Chic!!
Xxo, Jess